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Local bands can use this space to post links to music and videos for each other. Highlight your influences. Post your own work. Whatever you want. This is your space…



    Hey fellow blues lovers,

    Checked out PETER MADCAT RUTH with his RED HOT new band at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts, last night. Jimmy Dillon was the headliner gigging with the band (who was excellent in his own rite) but Madcat was definitely the crowd favorite! He is smokin’ hot, fronting a band. With Peter’s energy,
    its hard to believe he is 62.

    I will be pushing hard to try to get Madcat and the band into the 2013 Kazoo Blues Fest. I talked to him last night and he gave me his contact info. Lets do this, you’ll all love the band, I promise!

  • Check out this new West Michigan band featuring some old and some new friends: BIG BOSS BLUES. Many interesting venues have been added to the performance calender including the Cowpie Blues Festival and Bell’s Brewing Co. in August 2012.

  • Joel Krauss says:

    Freddy King was the man…

  • Billy says:

    Hello BMF Band fans and friends. As most of you know, we have added Tom Eldred on Hammond organ to our band lineup. If you haven’t seen the BMF Band since the change, come on out. Check out the BMF Band 2011 summer tour schedule. With thirty shows scheduled, we should be in your neighborhood soon! Keep an eye on the website for announcements about the new CD project. See ya

  • Billy says:

    The Bryan Michael Fischer BMF Band has performed over forty festivals, clubs,casinos and concerts since their start in December 2009. With the release of their CD “Blurring the Line”, this powerhouse blues/rock quartet has been keeping the dance floors filled and people happy. Check out the new original tunes showing up in the set lists and bring a CD home with you. You won’t be sorry!

  • blueringling says:

    SEEKING – Local Blues Act to play for political fund raising event in April –

    Contact thru the KVBA for more information….

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