Blues Fest

Kalamazoo Blues Festival


The 2015 Kalamazoo Blues Festival has been scheduled for July 9-11, 2015.

The 22nd annual Kalamazoo Blues Festival will feature three days and nights of local, regional and national blues bands.

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Thursday July 9

Friday July 10

Saturday July 11



If you’re interested in volunteering, send an email to


  • blueringling says:

    The $20 3-day pass went on sale on 1 June all over the Kalamazoo area and on the internet. Those prices were ADVANCED sale tickets. The price went up when they went on sale at the festival site. We regret the confusion. Of course even at $25 that represents a significant cost savings ($12) over regular single day admission, and equates to paying $1.13 per band…

  • Daniel Richmond says:

    Your site advertised $20 for a three day pass but yet when we get to the ticket booth at the site the tickets for the three day pass werer $25. There were four of us and we paid it but we’re never coming back.

  • blueringling says:

    $5 Thursday Night
    $10 Friday Night
    $12 Saturday

  • what does it cost to get into the kal blues fest? thank you

  • J. Mitchell says:

    This will be a great 20th anniversary lineup. Deanna and Janiva back along with Little Ed outdoors it will be smokin’.

  • charilyn says:

    Is Buddy Guy performing?

  • blueringling says:

    Those are great suggestions. We’ve pretty much wrapped up booking for the festival – we will be announcing our line-up soon.

  • blueringling says:

    We will be announcing our full line-up for the 20th Annual Kalamazoo Blues Festival at the last fund-raiser show on April 21…it will be on our site shortly after.

  • randy bryson says:

    would love to see vintage trouble,jj grey,gary clark jr,dana fuchs and david gogo play the fest in 2013.

  • Tim says:

    Bring Kelly Richey to the fest……..and when will a line up be posted?

  • blueringling says:

    Yes we will have food vendors on site….at least 5…

  • Linda says:

    I can’t find anywhere on the website that mentions food – is there a vendor or two at the festival?

  • drkshades says:

    Popa Chubby rocks!!!! thankyou for bringing him and his band to kazoo!! Cant wait. A chance for everyone to see one of todays great guitar players..

  • blueringling says:

    No arts/craft fair is part of the blues festival.

  • Diane says:

    Is there an art/craft fair connected to this event?

  • blueringling says:

    We’ve been furiously working on trying to get the things set up so you could actually fill them out on line….doesn’t look like that is gonna happen right away…I can send you a form via email if you’d like….

  • Shaggy says:

    Where do I find a volunteer form for this years’ fest? I have a couple of friends who volunteered at the last minute last year who whould like to come back. I’m not seeing a link. Thanks

  • blueringling says:

    So….have you checked the vids? Any thoughts?

  • Doug Covey says:

    How about Joe Louis Walker or Gary Clark Jr., Tommy Castro or Tab Benoit for the 2012 festival.

  • Cheri C says:

    I would love to see Doug MacLeod. He did a quick evening at the Black Hawk recently and was amazing.

  • Brian Micheal says:

    I would love to see Niecie at the 2012 festival. I saw her at the IBC’s and loved her. Found her on facebook..she’s an alumni of Western Michigan University!!! Would be great to bring her back home.

  • Scott White says:

    I’d love to see Knock Kneed Sally play there this year. I saw them open for Lil Ed last summer. Wow…

  • SK says:

    Would LOOOOVVVEEE to see Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band this year. They are amazing.

  • Blue Fire says:

    This is one of my favorite Kalamazoo festivals. Looking forward to next year already.

  • Thank you to all at the KVBA and this year’s Festival. Your hospitality made us feel like Kings and a Queen 😉 it was a joy to be a part of this wonderful Blues Fest. Thank you, Venitia, Kevin, Johnny and Mark from Kevin Q and the Night Crew!

  • Michelle Spencer says:

    My first time to the Blues fest. Great line-up! Hot but very enjoyable. I wanted to see Grand Marquis, who I saw in Memphis at the IBC. Love that group! The horns are great and the music is just unique. Went to the IBC to support my favorite group The Rusty Wright Band. Great job by the association and all the volunteers. Will definitely be there in 2012.

  • Michael Gee says:

    Special thanks to the KVBA from the Bosco-Gee gang!!!! We are proud and humbled to have been a part of Bluesfest 2011!!!! What a GREAT opening night! Best wishes for the rest of the weekend & continued success!!!

  • The Arcadia Creek Festival Place opened in its current configuration in 2004.

    What, if any, local, terrestrial radio stations will be live simulcasting this year’s festival?

  • dan zielinski says:

    trying to recall how long we have attended Festival. When was Arcadia site redone from asphalt lot? Looking forward to 2011 fest.

  • Angie C says:

    The Chris Canas Band Thanks You All for the Love and great Hospitality. You guys throw a great festival that should be a model for all.

  • Angie C says:

    We just wanted to send a great, big Thank You to all of the Blues Lovers, Volunteers, and Organizers of the Kalamazoo Blues Festival. We had a great time as always. You hospitality is the best. We had 5 gigs this week and that is the reason for the delay in Thanking you all for another great time. We will keep spreading the word about your great Blues City. Peace & Blues to You All!

  • Looking forward to opening up for Alberta Adams, representing Good Ole Detroit Blues!

  • blueringling says:

    We are too. Took in a bit of your performance at the IBC and was blown away. Excitement abounds!

  • Randy Oxford says:

    Hey everybody,
    The Randy Oxford Band out of Tacoma,WA. is excited about our return to the KBF in 2010 ! We look forward to seeing all of you.

    Randy Oxford

  • hisch says:

    Is there something specific you are looking for? Please let us know.

  • Manny says:

    Can you please tell me how I can purchase pictures and or video of the performances of the 2006 Kalamazoo Blues Festival?


  • Lance Valenzuela says:

    Sorry I missed the last six plus years. still kickin.Living in beautiful downtown
    Wetstone,22 miles west of Tombstone.Glad to hear your still movin and grovin.
    Later Lance

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